Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Color Assignment

1. Color is the reflection of light that our eyes see. When we see a color, we actually see every color but that color. There are three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. You can make secondary colors by mixing two of these. To make tertiary colors, you would mix three of these. I also know that there are colors that we cannot see; infared and ultraviolet.

2. My favorite color is pink. This is the first color that I assigned as my favorite color when I was about four or five. I liked this color then because I thought it was pretty. I changed from that color when I was about nine or ten to purple because I thought that pink was too typical for a girl and I wanted to be different. As I grew older, pink became more and more common in pop culture and I realized that I really, really, really do like pink more than purple and I had only chosen pink because I was trying to be different.

3. I like all different shades of pink.

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