Monday, November 24, 2008

About Being Old

I have many blessings in my life when I become the ripe old age of 71. I will have twin, because I say so, and I will be married to the love of my life. I hope to have already had at least one grandchild and spoil them rotten. My sister will be 50ish and we will spend a lot of time together. I will have finished my career as a sign language interpreter and will hopefully be teaching until I can't anymore. I will have had 7 surgeries in my life, one birth, a piece of my rib removed and been in 3 car accidents (none of them life-threatening). I plan to have two houses and go skiing regularly. I also learned 5 different languages by this time and will have traveled to over 20 countries. I lived a life of serenity and peace.

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